Are you inspired to bring out the best in people?

Is your passion to help people grow their business/their career AND private life?

Are you longing to master true change
yourself in all areas of your life?

More and more people are searching for professional support for their work life AND their private life from trained change agents and learning partners. Support from professionals who inspire with their heart AND mind, who motivate, offer compassion, explain, guide and consult. In short… a coach.

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To become a professional coach one needs:

icon_r1_c16 An attitude of appreciation for human beings
icon_r1_c16 The passion to learn and unlearn
icon_r1_c16 Integrated life experience
icon_r1_c16 Learning and training tools
icon_r1_c16 Deep self-understanding
icon_r1_c16 Coaching practice and feedback

As a graduate of this training you will be able to…

icon_r1_c25 Start your own business as an independent business or life coach
icon_r1_c25 Work internally as a coach within the HR department of a corporation
icon_r1_c25 As an executive improve your team management skills by using a coaching style approach
icon_r1_c25 Grow as a person: understand how you think, believe and function; change long-standing behavior patterns and experience the resulting benefits in all areas of your life

This course will give you a rock solid base on which to build your own coaching practice or existing career.

dunja“Your incredibly diversified knowledge, combined with your ability to understand and verbalize your client’s needs, made the coaching training deeply valuable.

Your coaching training went above and beyond the average continuing education. I was able to grow not only professionally, but also personally. Thank you for that! You have an extraordinary grasp of the art of coaching. What I assumed about you during the training was confirmed later on by getting to know how other coaches work.”

Dunja Crusen,

CCC Career Coaching Crusen

The Coachmakers Training

Coaching with Professionalism, Power and Integrity

In-Person 14-Day Intensive Course

Held in Metro Detroit, Michigan

Offered in English and German


What you will get with this training…

  • 125+ hours coach training to prepare you to become a certified coach through the Portfolio Track with the International Coach Federation (ICF)
  • 2-6 hours per week of peer coaching and learning
  • The ability to start coaching ‘real’ clients after Module 3
  • ICF Ethics and Competencies: skill development and feedback
  • The Coachmakers TrainingTM Coaching with Professionalism, Power and Integrity professional manuals and materials
  • A comprehensive, integrated training program that will give you a taste of life, business and corporate coaching, a variety of philosophies and tools, left and right brain approaches to coaching and critical thinking skills for developing your own coaching style and selecting the business model and plan that is authentic to you.
  • Strategic business planning
  • Coaching examination
  • Materials to use in applying for ICF certification
  • Graduate support system and lifetime membership to The Coachmakers TrainingTM International Alumni Network
  • Personal transformation, professional connections worldwide, collaboration opportunities, and the experience of a lifetime.

Important To Note: This training is aligned with the ethical guidelines from the International Coach Federation (ICF) and teaches the 11 coaching core competencies as they are defined by the ICF. With his more than 125 coaching-specific training hours this training can be used to go through the port folio track of the ICF to become certified as an Accredited Certified Coach (ACC) or as a Professional Certified Coach (PCC). For more information about this go to

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In this 14-day intensive training course you will…

  • Be able to coach professionally
  • Have a clear, communicable self image as a human being and as a coach
  • Learn how to coach yourself and integrate self-coaching into your everyday life
  • Know what kind of coach, in which form, with which products, and with which client group you will work
  • Be confident enough to market yourself as a coach
  • Have a strategic business plan for your first or next year of your coaching practice that integrates goals for your private life and personal growth.
  • Be anticipating an exciting new year as you will start with milestones to move you closer to your vision
  • Be glowing, because you have a vision that you are committed to pursue
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How much does this transformational and professional coaching training program cost?

In order to serve different needs we offer The Coachmakerstraining™ with two different tracks, registration bundles and paying structures from which you can choose the best fit for you:

$4,800US for Buddies* – paid in full before module 1

* “Buddy” pricing means that:

  1. you are registering with a friend,
  2. you are both willing to support each other during the transfer phase between the modules and for a minimum of three months beyond completion of The Coachmakers Training™ program, and
  3. you agree to provide each other with weekly learning and training updates via email and a short telephone call.

By signing up with a Buddy, you are eligible for this amazingly low price of $4,800 US each (to be submitted in one payment of $9,600 US). This is a savings of $1,600 each compared to the typical price of $6,400 US per person!

In addition to the financial advantages, you will have a commitment to each other’s learning and transformational success. You can do this alone, but why not share the fun and team up with a friend dedicated to your mutual success? Sign up together and save!

$5,800US early booking rebate (you save $600)

$6,400US – paid in full before Module 1, or

$6,580US - payable in 7 monthly installment payments of $940US each


We are proud to announce:

The Coachmakerstraining Executive Track™

If you are an executive or CEO and:

  • You know that being a coach would enhance your own work-life quality

  • You know that being a coach would make you a better leader and change agent

  • You know that as a coach you could bring your employees and teams to new high levels of performance

  • You want to get the power of a coach’s tool box and the self-management skills a coach must have

  • You want to serve your company and your own loved ones the best way you can

  • You feel you have more potential which you want to bring forth

then the Executive Track of the Coachmakerstraining is the right thing for you to do.

This track is integrated into the whole training to create a diverse group of learners which has proven to expand horizons and bring more perspectives to each participant.

You will join the whole group from Module 1 till Modul 5 and then switch into three individual follow-up session of 90 minutes in which Sylvia will coach you in transferring your new way of being and knowledge to your specific work environment.

The introduction price for the new The Coachmakerstraining Executive Track™ is $4,800 which includes Module 1 till 5, the communication training, the pre-coaching session, the video evenings, the transfer-support between modules and the three follow-up individual sessions.

If you have any questions regarding The Executive Track, please make contact with me:


This is a very comprehensive small group training, which means the number of participants is strictly limited.

Click here for course dates and full synopsis.


Christine_3_DSCF2964_klein“Coaching with Professionalism, Power and Integrity’ offered not only a continuing education certificate that helped me to enhance my career, but more surprisingly, it offered an education that helped me take a big step in my personal development. Sylvia’s motivational style enabled me to develop positive thinking and define my strengths. In addition to improving my personal and professional portfolio, I developed an individual and contemporary product. The training has given me the fundamentals to work as a coach in Germany and in the United States. Thanks, Sylvia!”

Christine Klisch, Career Transition Coach

“align goals – adapt career – add value”


Who Will Be Training You?

sylviaSylvia Becker-Hill graduated in Germany with a Diploma in Business Administration in 1989 and worked for German Telecom in the HR-department. After continuing her studies and earning a Master of Arts in Philosophy at Heinrich Heine University in Düsseldorf in 1997, Sylvia began coaching as one of Germany’s first telephone coaches, working for corporate clients increasing the sustainability of internal training using coaching. She also led training for service orientation, communication and conflict management in large organizations.

As a result of this initial success, in 1998 Sylvia was awarded a 55,000 Euro grant from the German Ministry of School, Education, Science and Research, and started working as a self-employed coach under the business name ‘Commitment’. She also worked intensively for three years as a corporate coach and change management consultant doing post-merger integration process work for large German and international clients. For these kinds of clients she also offered powerful outplacement programs which supported laid off employees to find new jobs strategically.

Sylvia became a member of the International Coach Federation (ICF) in 2001 and was founder of the ICF Rhein/Ruhr Chapter in 2003, became in 2004 a German board member and the German ICF president in 2005. Sylvia was the first coach in Germany to be certified by the ICF as a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) in 2002. She serves now as an elected member of the PCAM (Professional Coaches Association Michigan) board. Since 2009 Sylvia is one of the three official mentor coaches from PCAM preparing PCAM members to become certified as an ACC or PCC by the ICF.

Sylvia is married to a New Zealander, Peter Hill, who is a senior IT project manager, has two sons, Orlando and Sebastian, and has lived in Michigan since summer 2006. From 2008 till spring 2011 she worked with David Chinsky & Associates offering The Institute for Leadership Fitness™ throughout Michigan. With her powerful telephone coaching services she inspires clients around the globe.

She is a published author. “Between four ears” an article about telephone coaching was published in Manager Seminar Issue 66 May 2003. And she wrote a chapter about transfer sustainability with the title “Friday Reflection” for the bestselling book “Coaching-Tools” from Christopher Rauen.

Her newest free downloadable ebooks you can get on her main webpage and blog:

theoI’m from Germany. Doing a coaching training in the USA when the German market is full with alternatives didn’t seem to make sense. So I thought… but only until I personally got to know Sylvia and her coaching training program.

She teaches not just coaching, she lives it with every fibre of her heart and that makes this training special. It is presented with such authenticity, that what it means to be a coach with spirit and heart sticks with you, motivates you, and creates passion for this profession.

In this environment learning coaching tools, applying them and seeing which I want to move forward with, is a fascinating way to discover yourself and at the same time, develop a solid foundation for starting as a coach.

Theo M. Schlaghecken,

Assisting trainer for bigger groups and back-up facilitator for the English run of The Coachmakers Training is:

ginnyvictoryGinny Victory works with business owners and professionals to clarify vision, values; impact and mission; to uncover and overcome obstacles; and then implement the changes in their actions, systems, relationships and strategies to achieve their goals. She is known for her passion to address all areas of a client’s life to bring powerful transformation for lasting personal and professional results.

Prior to starting her own business, Ginny was with Herman Miller, Inc. in a number of roles: Human Resource Manager, Internal Coach, Trainer, International Relocation Consultant and Internal Auditor. She began her career with BDO Seidman, LLP; where she earned her CPA and managed audits for mid-size manufacturing companies in Chicago: IL and Grand Rapids, Ml. Throughout her 20 year career, she has gained experience in: recruiting; training; individual, team and organizational development; change leadership; benefits and compensation; financial management and audits; budget development and oversight; staff supervision; systems/process design and improvement; and coaching and consulting.

Ginny has a Bachelors Degree in Accounting from Michigan State University. She is also certified in the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and the Thomas DISC. Ginny has been coaching since 1998 and has coached more than 700 individuals and 2500 hours; she is a graduate of the Coaches Training Institute and has attained her Associate Certified Coach (ACC) credential through the International Coach Federation. She chaired the Professional Coaches Association of Michigan Annual Conference in 2008 and 2009 and is currently serving on the Board of Directors.

Learn To Make A Difference

If you want to be the very best coach you can be, this incredibly insightful program is a must. In just a few months you can learn to make a real impact in your life as well as the lives of others. This is an amazing opportunity and is like no other program offered today.

What makes The Coachmakers TrainingTM unique?

icon_r1_c16 A passionate global pioneer coach as your role model
icon_r1_c16 Training offered in English and in German
icon_r1_c16 A small, in-person group
icon_r1_c16 Effective for all learning styles: auditory, visual, experiential. Designed for transformation so you become a coach, learn to coach, and know how to market coaching
icon_r1_c16 A buffet of methods and tools, from which you can choose to go deeper with further training
icon_r1_c16 Your trainer is a certified coach with 13 years of global experience with individuals, executives and multinational organizations.
icon_r1_c16 Intense personal growth experience within a safe and professional environment
icon_r1_c16 An intensive and inspiring structure with modules which makes learning easier and creates lasting sustainability
icon_r1_c16 How to coach face-to-face and via telephone
icon_r1_c16 Fulfills the requirements of the ICF, to be used for the portfolio track to become certified as an ACC (Accredited Certified Coach) or as a PCC (Professional Certified Coach)
icon_r1_c16 The first coach training school headquartered in Michigan

Click here for course dates and full synopsis.

Frau-Peltzer“The perfect beginning for my coaching career! An excellent training! In a very practical and understandable way, Sylvia made it possible to not only remember the complex content, but she helped us to integrate it right away! I came all the way from Germany for this and it was worth the effort. Thanks, Sylvia.”

Stefanie Peltzer

Diplom Betriebswirtin, P.E.R.S.P.E.K.T.I.V.E.N. Coach

With such a limited number of seats this opportunity won’t last long.



We Believe In Our Program

We are confident that you will benefit extensively from the incredible information and comprehensive training provided by this program, resulting in profound personal growth and significant professional development.

To a large degree, the specific results of the program depend upon the individual efforts and level of commitment of the participants. Keep in mind that the time off between modules is an important part of the program, when each participant should follow the recommended “transfer suggestions” and draw upon the support of peers and trainers.

If you find that the training has not fulfilled your expectations, you may resign from the program at the end of Module 1, paying only $990US for that module.

Because of the vast amount of material presented, refunds will not be issued to anyone after we have advanced beyond Module 1.Sylvia Becker-Hill


Everyone deserves a coach. Everyone can be a coach.TM

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